Events and Workshops Participation Agreement

One Spirit Learning Alliance provides safe and fertile resources where students can grow personally and in community. In order to meet this objective, it is important that all participants are in alignment around some guidelines for participation. Make sure you read this section in its entirety. It is your participation agreement for participating in One Spirit’s courses whether in the classroom, through the website, online learning community or download. By participating in One Spirit’s courses and events, whether in the classroom, through the website, online learning community or download, you are agreeing to the following terms.

We Keep You Informed : Important Announcements

  • - Important announcements from educational and administrative staff will be posted on class websites under “Site News” and any “News & Announcements” from the faculty of your courses.
  • Emails - Announcements may also be emailed – please make sure administrative staff always has your current email address. In accordance with Federal spam protection laws, mass emails from One Spirit include a link you can use to unsubscribe to all future mass emails. Please be aware: unsubscribing from One Spirit emails may prevent faculty and staff from contacting you.

Registration & Payment

  • Payment is due online at the time of registration using a credit card or bank account, or if unable to register online, by submitting a registration form with a check (made out to “One Spirit Learning Alliance”) or cash.
  • Keep Us Informed of Registration Changes: Inform One Spirit in writing of changes in your contact information, requests to withdraw or otherwise change your registration, including modifications to your your attending or distance learning status.

Refunds & Cancellation

  • Refunds requested up to a week before an event will be issued minus a $10 processing fee.
  • Refunds requested less than a week before will only be refunded if we can find a replacement for your reserved spot. These refunds will be issued minus a $25 processing fee.
  • No refunds will be issued after an event begins.
  • One Spirit Learning Alliance reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any event.
  • Students may make up any missed class sessions by listening to the entire audio or video recordings (if available) of that class.

Media Release

  • One Spirit Learning Alliance, and its employees have the right to take photographs, videotape, audio or digital recordings of me during classes, workshops, lectures, graduations and retreats, and to use these in any and all media, for any lawful purpose.
  • You hereby release to One Spirit Learning Alliance, its agents, and employees all rights to exhibit this recorded material in print, digital and electronic form publicly or privately and/or for marketing purposes.
  • Participants hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product or products or the advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied.
  • One Spirit Learning Alliance endeavors always to honor requests for individual anonymity: participation in recording (e.g. speaking into a microphone, appearing on camera, etc.) is optional, and it is up to each participant to exercise her or his preference as to being recorded, taped or photographed.
  • Use of recording equipment by students or other participants (audio or visual, including cameras) is not permitted without the written permission of One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Live Videoconferences and Webinars

  • Videoconferences are live audio-video Internet telecasts of classes where students may interact live. Please see course descriptions to see which events are available via this technology.
  • Please visit to learn more and to see if your system is compatible before registering.
  • In order for videoconferences to take place, a minimum of 10 registrants must be enrolled for the videoconference option. If insufficient registration requires us to cancel, students will be notified via email.

Personal Responsibility

  • Authenticity – You must use your real name when registering on OneSpirit class websites. Those using pseudonyms or handles to obscure their identity will be removed.
  • Confidentiality – You agree honor the confidentiality of what is shared in all venues of One Spirit educational activities, both in the classroom and online.
  • Content Sharing —You agree to not share content and course materials from the classroom or online resources with non-registrants. All content posted on our class websites is off-limits to everyone but enrolled students and staff.
  • Responsible Communication — Recognizing the power of speech to create both good and harm, you agree to practice honest, loving, and responsible communication, and to refrain from gossip and other forms of harmful speech. Speak that which is true, useful, and kind, and refrain from spreading gossip, rumors, or that which you do not directly know to be true.
  • Contact Information — You agree to provide a valid e-mail address, phone number and mailing address in your member profile so that classmates, faculty and staff can contact you directly if necessary.
  • Privacy — Honor the privacy of your fellow site members. You agree not to repurpose information about classmates from the classroom or the website for your personal or professional use without their express permission. Contact information for your classmates, like all class website content, is private and may not be disseminated to non-members.
  • Solicitation — This forum is for exchange of ideas and community building. While all members are enthusiastically encouraged to share events and resources with your classmates, please do so in the spirit of education and community. You agree to refrain from solicitation and/or promotion for personal gain for yourself or others.
  • Complaints — Occasionally, we encounter each other in conflict. If you feel that these guidelines have been broken, please let us know so that we can help transform any problems into opportunities for growth. Please report community-related complaints and problems to your dean or academic advisor, or to a OneSpirit staff person as soon as possible.