Rev. AnnE O’Neil
Like all of One Spirit's program, Emergent Leadership Academy (ELA) is one of the most loving, rigorous, sometimes frustrating, sometimes scary, sometimes gut-wrenching experiences you could have. In other words, it is a huge opportunity for true transformation. Ryan has masterfully led us through exercises, dialogue, teachings and ritual where we have been stretched, challenged, and lovingly validated. Personally I had an experience of breakdown that had me thinking there was no way this could be healed in such a way that I would feel safe and supported enough to continue with the program, yet it was - under the loving guidance of Ryan and (of course) Spirit. 
It left me with greater clarity on who I am and how not to take on other's projections. Even after a couple decades working with the 12 steps, rarely have I had a richer opportunity to see how I operate in the world and how that is received, along with the support to make different choices on what isn't getting me where I want to go.