Program Requirements

Brief Overview of Program Requirements:

  • Attendance - “Real Time” class attendance in person or via live webinar for distance learners. “Real time” attendance is strongly encouraged as students benefit from the rich counseling opportunities available in the classroom each month: dyad and triad work, small group practicums, fishbowls, etc. Post class audiobooks also available for those absent and for archival purposes.
  • Counseling Work– All students are required to participate in their own spiritual counseling throughout the program. In addition to receiving Spiritual counseling, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester students are required to offer pro bono spiritual counseling sessions for students in One Spirit Interfaith Seminary or from other sources, and receive supervision as they do so. See section on Tuition and Fees for more specific information.
  • Electives – Complete 3 elective credits per year, 6 elective credits in total.
  • Study Groups– Participate in a monthly peer support group to explore spiritual counseling concerns and issues that may arise in the course of study and practice, holding confidentiality in the highest regard.
  • Homework - Monthly reading assignments and homework are required.
  • Class Website - The experience for all students, both attending and distance learning, is enhanced by participation on the private class website, where students discuss class work, life, and support one another in community.