Qualifications for Enrollment

Professionals, prepared for unique paths of service with diverse populations.

Our Interspiritual Counseling Program is open to all ordained clergy, healthcare and wellness professionals, life coaches, psychotherapists, expressive arts therapists, and those offering human growth services in diverse settings such as corporations, community-based organizations, schools, and non-profit institutions. Appropriate candidates may also be transitioning from other fields and feel a calling to become a spiritual counselor.

One Spirit Learning Alliance is committed to diversity and welcomes all qualified adults, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. Acceptance into the program is based heavily on the applicant’s character and emotional and spiritual maturity. Students must be able to communicate, read, and write at a post-secondary educational level.

Please apply early and allow 2 - 4 weeks to complete the Admissions Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through the year, though applications incur a higher application fee the later you apply (see Tuition, Fees & Expenses for more details). Once your application is complete and has been reviewed, an interview will be scheduled within five days. Once accepted into the program, students must return all necessary paperwork within two weeks to complete their matriculation.

Ideal Candidates demonstrate the following qualities

  • A serious commitment to their spiritual life
  • A desire to be of service to the world
  • The recognition that there are many valid paths
  • A commitment to self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • A determination to grow and self-direct
  • A desire to deepen their understanding and experience of the Infinite
  • An interest in bringing spirit into all their relationships

The ISC Program offers two distinct certificate tracks:

Three-Year Track Certificate in Interspiritual Counseling, 480 Instructional Hours

The Certificate in Interspiritual Counseling is One Spirit’s signature spiritual counseling training program. This
track combines two years of comprehensive training and mastery in spiritual counseling (ISC) plus one year
of deep experiential immersion in the study of the world’s great religious traditions – Eastern, Western, and
indigenous. This third year anchors the counseling work in greater spiritual competency.

This foundation of literacy in the diverse heritage of the world’s wisdom teachings is developed through taking
Year One of One Spirit’s Interfaith/Interspiritual Seminary training program. (Note: This “third year” may be
taken prior to or following the two years of ISC training.) Students who complete Year One of Seminary in good
standing may decide to go on to complete Year Two of the Seminary training and become ordained as interfaith/
interspiritual ministers.

Students who successfully complete the Three-Year Track may represent themselves professionally as
“Interspiritual Counselors” and have the option to become professionally affiliated with One Spirit, which
includes the benefit of being listed in One Spirit’s online directory of interspiritual practitioners.

Two-Year Track: Certificate in Spiritual Counseling, 320 Instructional Hours

The Certificate in Spiritual Counseling offers applicants who meet the criteria the option to receive the same two
years of comprehensive training and mastery in spiritual counseling skills as our signature program cited above.
These skills ground the practitioner in excellence and competence as a spiritual counselor. Note: The Two-Year
Track references and applies interspiritual principles and wisdom teachings from various faith and contemporary
traditions as they pertain to spiritual counseling and companioning.

Students who successfully complete the Two-Year Track may represent themselves professionally as “Spiritual
Counselors” but not as “Interspiritual Counselors.” Two-Year Track students who complete ISC may decide at
any time to go on to the third year and complete the requirements to earn their Certificate in Interspiritual
Counseling and change their professional designation to “Interspiritual Counselor.”

Criteria for the Two-Year Track

The two-year track is open to applicants who have completed professional training in the healing and transformational arts. These include therapists, social workers, nurses, coaches, ministers, hospice care workers, etc. We define professional training as a formal one-year-plus program that has a clear curriculum along with graduation/completion criteria.

Applicants with an M.Div. or related masters degree may also apply to the two-year track.

Your eligibility will be determined during your interview.


We encourage anyone who is interested in the Interspiritual Counseling training program to call the Admissions office at 212-931-6840 ext. 151 and speak with the Director of Admissions for a brief conversation that will help evaluate your fit for the program.