Student Testimonials

Meet just some of the students who will be in the first cohort for this program. Can you see yourself in the for the Emergence Leadership Academy starting September 2020?

Please join us for an info session to meet the program director, Rev. Dr. Ryan Polly, and learn more about the program. You can register here.

Rev. Melissa Stewart

As a clinical social worker and an interfaith/interspiritual minister, I am passionate about grounding myself in the things that inspire and sustain me through hard times, that shore up my resilience and commitment to not only surviving but to thriving in a complicated ...Read More


Rev. Brad Learmonth

I have had a career as a leader in developing programs in the non-profit performing arts field for over 30 years. I am a graduate of both the Seminary and the Interspiritual Counseling Program at One Spirit and I now serve as the president of the board. I am excited to ...Read More


Rev. Michael Davis

In 2017 I vowed to be an expression of PEACE in this world. In fulfilling this vow, I am the Worship Coordinator, Minister of Music, and part time speaker at Unity of Indianapolis.  I am also using my powers of good as a Standardized ...Read More


Rev. AnnE O’Neil

Despite having held numerous leadership roles in my life, I am very aware that I have rarely - if ever - truly owned my agency and authority. I suspect that lies both in my own insecurities and my lack of training around leadership skills. As I learned more about the Emergence ...Read More


Rev. Pjae Stanley

Just as graduation as an interfaith minister was upon me, I was asked to enter into conversation for the position of Spiritual leader at a Center in Fort Worth which I accepted and have held for a year. A friend and One Spirit Graduate, knowing of my concerns about developing an inclusive leadership ...Read More