Learning and Technology

This program will be a mix of in person intensives and online meetings via Zoom webinars. Due to the intensive and experiential nature of this program both residential intensives must be in person. The 2 New York City weekends will also be in person but those outside of the Tri-state area may attend via Zoom Webinar. The dates and locations of the program are as follows:

  • August 13-16 2019 - In-Person Intensive Retreat
  • September 28 2019 - Webinar Online 9AM-Noon meeting
  • October 26 2019 - Webinar Online 9AM-Noon meeting
  • November 2-3 2019 - In-Person In person or via Zoom Weekend NYC
  • December 28 2019 - Webinar Online 9AM-Noon meeting
  • January 25 2020 - Webinar Online 9AM-Noon meeting
  • February 8-9 2020 - In-Person In person or via Zoom Weekend NYC
  • Note: - No meeting in March -Students will be working on their capstone experience.
  • April 21-24 2020 - In-Person Final Intensive Retreat

The One Spirit Learning Alliance provides a well-developed distance learning component, with more than half of our current student body engaged as distance learners. Living worldwide, students participate actively in the seminary program through live real time webstream or by audio recordings of each class. Click here for more information about our live webstream technology.

Students are also supported in the following ways:

  • Private Class Website: Student participation on the private class website allows discussion about class topics, sharing of spiritual inspiration, prayer requests and much more.
  • Downloadable Audio Recordings: Recordings of the online class sessions and those held in New York are made available through the private class website in the form of m4b Audiobooks each month. The m4b audiobook format can be played on a computer using iTunes as well as transferred from a computer to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Other portable digital audio devices such as Android devices can play m4b audiobooks with an one of the many available audiobook player apps for Android. NOTE – while other software packages might be able to play the m4b audiobook format, OneSpirit staff can offer technical support for the iTunes system only.
  • Downloadable Files: All handouts, supporting materials, and audio files from each class are also available for download from the private class website.