Commencement Video

Watch the video broadcast of the 2019 Commencement, below!

The program will begin at 12:30pm on Saturday June 8th, 2019. If you do not see the live stream below as it is happening in New York, please refresh your browser.

NOTE: If you are having technical difficulty watching the stream, please click here to open YouTube.

A Message From Karim Beldjilali

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

As a member of the One Spirit graduate community that gives so generously of our time, talent and treasure, at some point it hits you once again: I’m getting back so much more.

Interview with Rev. Vaile Leonard, Class of 2008

by Rev. Chelsea MacMillan I recently had the pleasure and honor of speaking with Rev. Vaile Leonard, a 2008 OSIS graduate and founder of the Light of Truth Center (LTC). LTC is a nonprofit organization in the Baltimore area that serves women in recovery by providing housing and programs of transformation. Currently, the organization, which employs just two part-time staff, houses about 20 women. As a volunteer coordinator, I was very impressed to hear that the Light of Truth Center is 95% volunteer-run and has been since 1999. Not only is the food, clothing, bookkeeping, and much more…

Special Message from Our Board

Barack Obama passionately and rightfully said: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” At One Spirit we can only assume this grand and provocative statement was somehow intended for our ears. It feels personal, doesn’t it? Come on, admit it, there has been at least one moment in your affiliation with One Spirit as a student, teacher, staff or volunteer when you consciously recognized that by becoming part of the One Spirit community, the One Spirit family, you were agreeing…

Interview with Rev. Lindsay Grass, Class of 2014

What brought you to One Spirit? Like anything, it’s hard to pinpoint. There are so many things that conspire along the way. I went to the Omega Institute in the summer of 2012, and I was in one of those threshold periods where I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. I went to Omega to get re-grounded and I received a healing treatment from someone who I found out was a graduate. She asked if I had ever thought of seminary. I thought, “Well, in some ways, yes,” because I have a propensity toward a life of devotion and a kind of spiritual discipline, but finding a…

The Sleep of Other, poem by Rev. Tyrone Holmes

The Sleep of Other By Rev. Tyrone Holmes (Class of 2013) When will we wake up from The sleep of other? When will we expand our sphere of compassion to include everyone or better yet dissolve its circumference altogether, to exclude no one? Our sword of discrimination was not meant to be turned on one another. It was meant to be used on ourselves. To slice a line between our highest selves and the thoughts/actions that blind us, that bind us to the illusion of separation. Many of us were raised in the darkness of segregation. Because our parents were still living by lessons that…

Reflections on the Parliament, a letter from Rev. Diane Berke

I settled into my aisle seat on a Delta flight from Kennedy Airport to Salt Lake City to attend my first Parliament of the World’s Religions. Although I knew that there were a number of One Spirit people from New York planning to attend the Parliament, I had not coordinated my travel plans with anyone. Still, a few minutes later I discovered that a One Spirit graduate, Rev. Betsy Scott (Class of 2014) was assigned to the window seat in the same row. And shortly after that, Kurt Johnson boarded the plane and turned out to be assigned to the seat directly across the aisle from me. About eight…