Wisdom from Seminary – Year 2

In our April Second Year Seminary weekend, we explored tools to help us more skillfully be and deal with conflict.

Students had the opportunity to explore which of five styles of approaching conflict - collaboration, competition, compromise, accommodation, avoidance - they most typically engage in, as well as learning to distinguish between the position (or demand) a person presents in a conflict and the deeper interest (or need) being expressed through that position.

This Month in ISC: Somatic Experiencing (SE)

By Rev. Sally Schwager
Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a form of alternative therapy that invites transformation. At ISC, we view SE as a spiritually-based modality because it cultivates the capacity for profound and subtle somatic attunement. This teaches us how to be with and experience life exactly as it is.

Spiritual Archetypes Styles

How do we open to spirit most naturally and easefully?

Through prayer? The body? In nature? Relationship?...
Using Ed Bastian’s Spiritual Archetypes Mandala, we begin by discovering our own natural spiritual temperament. Why? Our internal archetypal spiritual styles are the lens through which we perceive, process and act on spiritual information and practice.

Emergence Leadership Academy – SCARF

By Rev. Dr. Ryan Polly

How often do you:
- find yourself stuck?
- stop yourself half way through a project and then change paths?
- find yourself thinking over and over but not moving toward a new outcome?
- let fear stop you from following the path that you are called to follow?
If you put your hand down on a hot stove, you would pull your hand away, correct? And, in the future you would likely no longer put your hand on that stove.

This Month in Seminary Year I: Catholicism – Litany of Mary of Nazareth

Lead us in the way of peace and justice.
Glory to you, healing Spirit...
Transform us to empower others.
~Litany of Mary of Nazareth

A litany is a repetitive form of communal prayer consisting of a series of petitions and responses. The Litany of Mary of Nazareth was shared by presenter Dr. Mary Beth Walsh during the presentation on Catholicism in first year Seminary.

This Month In Interspiritual Counseling: “I AM the One Who…”

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"I Am the One" By Jeanne Panucci

I am the one who lives
I am the one who leaps into the air with joy and satisfaction
I am the one who runs as fast as I can into the wind knowing I will never fully catch it the one who plays and rejoices
I am the one who is wild and hungry and sly
I am the one who is protector of the earth and hearth and home
I am the one who sees into your soul and loves whoever you are
I am the one who howls into the night sky, who knows the stars and pulls them down power, life and love

"I Am" By Carol Nolden

I am the one who leaps for joy at dawn, loves all the creatures, the birds, the bugs, the squirrels, the mountain lion.