Spiritual Archetypes Styles

How do we open to spirit most naturally and easefully?

Through prayer? The body? In nature? Relationship?...
Using Ed Bastian’s Spiritual Archetypes Mandala, we begin by discovering our own natural spiritual temperament. Why? Our internal archetypal spiritual styles are the lens through which we perceive, process and act on spiritual information and practice.

Gratitude Blessing Before Eating

(Offered by Sarah Bowen, from Amitabul vegan restaurant in Chicago, where it sits on every table.)

I am very grateful, and most fortunate,
to be receiving this nutritious, delicious,
and life-sustaining food.

I am fully aware that this food is available to me,
only because of the generosity of Mother Earth,
the sacrifices of plants,
and all the efforts of so many hard-working people.

Emergence Leadership Academy – SCARF

By Rev. Dr. Ryan Polly

How often do you:
- find yourself stuck?
- stop yourself half way through a project and then change paths?
- find yourself thinking over and over but not moving toward a new outcome?
- let fear stop you from following the path that you are called to follow?
If you put your hand down on a hot stove, you would pull your hand away, correct? And, in the future you would likely no longer put your hand on that stove.

One Spirit in Recovery

Are you a currently enrolled student or alumni of One Spirit Learning Alliance who is in recovery? Join us as we gather monthly on Zoom to share about our experience of the intersection of spirituality, ministry, and recovery.

We gather on the third Tuesday of each month at 8:30 pm EST. The format is flexible and may include readings from 12-step or other recovery literature, guest speakers, or spiritual practices.

This Month in Seminary Year I: Catholicism – Litany of Mary of Nazareth

Lead us in the way of peace and justice.
Glory to you, healing Spirit...
Transform us to empower others.
~Litany of Mary of Nazareth

A litany is a repetitive form of communal prayer consisting of a series of petitions and responses. The Litany of Mary of Nazareth was shared by presenter Dr. Mary Beth Walsh during the presentation on Catholicism in first year Seminary.

This Month In Interspiritual Counseling: “I AM the One Who…”

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"I Am the One" By Jeanne Panucci

I am the one who lives
I am the one who leaps into the air with joy and satisfaction
I am the one who runs as fast as I can into the wind knowing I will never fully catch it the one who plays and rejoices
I am the one who is wild and hungry and sly
I am the one who is protector of the earth and hearth and home
I am the one who sees into your soul and loves whoever you are
I am the one who howls into the night sky, who knows the stars and pulls them down power, life and love

"I Am" By Carol Nolden

I am the one who leaps for joy at dawn, loves all the creatures, the birds, the bugs, the squirrels, the mountain lion.

This Month in ISC 201706

THIS MONTH IN ISC … June, 2017

Our final month in ISC culminates with a macro view of our development as a species. During this Module we’ve taken a rich journey through relationship – from self-connection, to family, to partnership, to groups – and this month we are looking at the evolution of human history through the lens of Spiral Dynamics theory.

This Month in ISC 201705


Our Spring Module D, entitled “Illusion of the Separate Self,” looks at Interspiritual Counseling from the perspective of relationship. The ups and downs of relationship is a common theme in our own self-work, and also in the issues our Counselees bring to their spiritual counseling sessions with students.