This Month in ISC 201706

THIS MONTH IN ISC … June, 2017

Our final month in ISC culminates with a macro view of our development as a species. During this Module we’ve taken a rich journey through relationship – from self-connection, to family, to partnership, to groups – and this month we are looking at the evolution of human history through the lens of Spiral Dynamics theory.

This Month in ISC 201705


Our Spring Module D, entitled “Illusion of the Separate Self,” looks at Interspiritual Counseling from the perspective of relationship. The ups and downs of relationship is a common theme in our own self-work, and also in the issues our Counselees bring to their spiritual counseling sessions with students.

December 31, 2016 Copy

Inside each of us there is a noble heart. This heart is the source of our finest aspirations for ourselves and for the world. It fills us with the courage to act on our aspirations. Our nobility may be obscured at times, covered over with small thoughts or blocked by confused and confusing emotions. But a noble heart lies intact within each of us nonetheless, ready to open and be offered to the world. Our task … is to recognize this noble heart within us and learn to connect with it, to make it the basis of all that we do and feel. When we clear away all that blocks it, this heart can change the world. – The Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, The Heart Is Noble Dec 31:Ben Brill