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The Gathering - August 6

Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020, 7 PM ET
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Suggested Love Offering: $ 10.00


Join us in our Journey of Resiliency: Indeed This Far by Faith facilitated by:
- Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin
- Rev. Dr. Ed O'Malley
- Rev. AnnE O'neil
- Rev. Dr. Ruquaiyah Nabe
- Rev. Evelyn Digsby
- Akanke Rhonda McClean-Nur

Prayers and music across traditions will reflect this in this time of dual pandemics we reflect the historical spirit to not only endure and overcome but change. Our gathering will continue to acknowledge the essential and frontline workers and those in need of prayer during this time.

Thursday, August 6, at 7 PM ET.


Khadijah Matin

Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin

Rev. Dr. Khadijah Matin has established a solid record of commitment to education and faith-based organizations, serving in multiple leadership and organization development roles as training manager, national board member and ongoing consultant. Khadijah has served as a Dean in the ISC Program and lectures for both the ISC and Seminary programs/ Building upon her interests in her family history and social justice work, Khadijah conducts extensive research in regards to the role family history plays in shaping identity and community. Current projects include historical work based on her family history; creating models for social workers to include family history and storytelling as healing methods in creating stronger personal awareness and family dynamics, and an interfaith workbook for active engagement in one’s faith and sacred readings. Further experience in nonprofit governance and administration is demonstrated through her participation as a member of the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society; and recently the Association of Muslim Chaplains. Additionally, in recognition of her works in intercultural dialogue and civic engagement she was appointed as an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow, and developed social entrepreneurial initiatives models for faith leaders. Khadijah has an MS in education from Fordham University. She was ordained an Interfaith Minister at One Spirit in 2006 and completed the ISC Program in 2010. She earned her D.Min. from New York Theological Seminary in 2012, in Multi-faith ministry. Always inspired by her three children, Khadijah is called by some as a “woman who walks through walls” and sees her works as her calling and a continuation of her family’s traditions in the ministry, education, and health, fulfilling the civil rights and social justice dreams of her ancestors.


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The Gathering - July 2

Dates: Thursday, July 2, 7 PM ET
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Suggested Love Offering: $ 10.00


Being in relationship with animals teaches us, heals us, and invites us to recognize and honor the sacredness of all life. Animals enable us to witness the divine within every living thing in a way that nurtures and nourishes our soul.

Come join us for an evening of celebrating the beauty, the wonder, and the wisdom of animals.

There will be time for reflection and sharing your own beloved animal stories. Animals are not only invited- but are strongly encouraged to attend. Humans, please bring a pen and journal to The Gathering. We look forward to seeing you and your animal friends!

Rev. Mary Beth Daniels, and Rev. Nathan Brisby will facilitate this evening on Thursday evening, July 2, at 7 PM ET.


Mary Beth Daniels

Rev. Marybeth Daniels

Rev. Mary Beth Daniels is a former corporate marketing executive turned interfaith minister, spiritual counselor, and animal whisperer. She spends her days at Soul Celebration Sanctuary, a farm on Martha’s Vineyard communing with her alpacas, donkeys, goats, babydoll sheep and ducks. The Sanctuary is a place for deep healing and connection- for the animals as well as the humans who visit here. Mary Beth shares that the animals are profound spiritual teachers and guides and spending intentional time in the presence of the animals & nature helps us to connect to something deeper and richer in each of us- our true soul essence. Mary Beth holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Drew University and a Master’s in Direct & Interactive Communication from NYU. She completed the ISC Program at One Spirit in 2016 and was ordained as an Interfaith/InterSpiritual Minister by One Spirit in 2017. Mary Beth is also certified as an End of Life Doula and an End of Life Pet Companion. Through spiritual counseling sessions, group gatherings, retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and rituals, as well as alpaca, donkey, goat and sheep walks, Mary Beth invites individuals to transcend the ordinariness of life and experience the sacred in all things.

Nathan Brisby

Rev. Nathan Brisby

Rev. Nathan Brisby is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Interspiritual Counselor. He grew up in a deeply evangelical Christian home, and through the grace and mystery of Spirit’s movement, he went through the initiation sacrament of coming out in his early 20s, which plunged him into a deep spiritual journey that continues to this day.

For his primary vocational service, he leads the talent function for a large national labor organization. As a spiritual teacher, he has led workshops on a variety of topics, including on building self-care practices, the Bible reclaimed for the LGBTQIA+ experience, leading change, compassion fatigue, giving and receiving feedback, meditation as social change, mindful leadership, high impact client interactions, dismantling white supremacy, and many others. Prior to his service in the labor movement, he worked in animal welfare. For over a decade, Nathan was also a professional actor and an award-winning musical theatre writer.

He is a certified grief counselor through the American Academy of Grief Counseling. He is also a Pet Loss Grief Recovery Specialist. He holds two masters’ degrees in business and in communications. Nathan founded a not for profit, Broadway Gives Back, which connects non-profits with the Broadway community.

His private interspiritual counseling practice focuses on the spiritual needs of the animal welfare, Broadway, and LGBTQ+ communities.


If you have questions about registering for this course, please contact One Spirit Learning Alliance by email to [email protected] or call 212-931-6840.


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