The Gathering: October 29, Wiccan Traditional Memorial

The Gathering: October 29, Wiccan Traditional Memorial

Date: Thursday, October 29, 7 pm ET
Available by: Join by Videoconference Only (learn more about videoconference)
Suggested Love Offering: $ 10.00


The Gathering: Samhain - A community memorial to those we’ve lost to COVID19 and other causes."

Facilitated by:
Rev. Wendy Van Allen and Rev. Diane Bronowicz Egelhoff

Samhain is the Pagan holiday honoring our beloved dead. A time when Nature shows us, through the darkening days and the brilliant falling leaves, death is an inevitable part of life. This year, however, the meaning of Death has been particularly painful and poignant as we in the United States and the entire global population witness the devastation of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us as we use the Wiccan tradition as a focus for a community memorial to all those who have died in this terrible plague. We will also honor loved ones who have died due to other causes. May we join together to mourn and to heal. We invite you to bring a candle (a battery-operated candle is fine too.)


Wendy Van Allen

Rev. Wendy Van Allen

Rev. Wendy Van Allen was ordained as an Interspiritual Minister in 2014 and completed the ISC Counseling Program in 2019 at One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Clinical Counseling degree program at Saint Bonaventure University. Wendy received her bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Rutgers University in 2002 and a prior bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Media in 1990. She has studied Pagan and Nature-based spirituality for over 30 years. She has raised an Episcopalian with a strong interest in non-traditional, indigenous, Nature traditions, and 12-step spirituality. She is a practicing Spiritist, a Wiccan Priestess, and a daughter of Obatala in the Lukumi tradition. She is a Certified Intuitive Consultant and a Spiritual Director. Wendy is active in social justice and environmental concerns. She and her partner are founders of Soul Blossom Center, a center for Earth-based tradition and healing in Kingston, New York.

Diane Egelhoff

Rev. Diane Bronowicz Egelhoff

Rev. Diane Bronowicz Egelhoff of One Spirit’s Class of 2020 (“Love Unleashed!”) has served as a Priestess and Leader in her religious and spiritual communities, both local and international, for 20+ years. Her interfaith approach stems in part from her polytheism, and she has been called to serve as a bridge between the NeoPagan and Interfaith/Interspiritual communities. Her personal practice incorporates Druid, Wiccan, and Hellenic traditions and the modalities of trance, seership, scholarship, and magic to honor the Gods, the Ancestors, and the Spirits of this World while acknowledging the cycles of Earth, Moon and Sun. An accomplished ligurgist, ritualist, and bard, she teaches workshops on topics including crafting effective worship services, sacred dance, and theatre in ritual. Diane earned a BA in History and Theatre Arts from Boston College and a Master’s in Education from Duquesne University. She recently moved to 14 wooded acres northeast of Pittsburgh, PA, and she plans to provide a supportive ministry for marginalized peoples in her rural community.


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