Shamanic Circle : September 14

Shamanic Circle : September 14

Dates: Monday, September 14, 7 PM ET
Available by: Join by Videoconference Only (learn more about videoconference)
Suggested Love Offering: $ 20.00


As we move through this transformative and tumultuous time on our planet; a time when the indigenous people the world over have prophesied that a great quickening is taking place, a shift in the very core of our way of being, many of us are being asked to relate to ourselves and our world in a new way.

In this highly experiential monthly gathering, we delve into the heart of Shamanism with ancient shamanic practices, journeys, teachings, sharing and community. And we learn to apply this esoteric and ancient wisdom for our own healing, empowerment, and sense of life purpose.

This rich work will involve journeys into ourselves, our pasts, and our futures. We will become acquainted with spirit allies and forces, navigate through expanded landscapes designed to open the heart, begin to remove obstacles that are in the way of our greater expression and potential, retrieve lost soul parts or vital essence, merge with the loving interconnectivity and healing properties of nature, the elements, psyche and spirit.

This transformative work helps us come into alignment with the ‘shamanic self’ - the free expression of our own nature and empowerment so that we can, by energetic example, help to raise the vibration of all beings.

Come, explore, and meet like-minded others.

The One Spirit Shamanic Circle is completely donation-based. Proceeds will go to The One Spirit Learning Alliance and The Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle. OMEC's mission is to encourage a sacred and responsible relationship with the Earth and to preserve the ancient wisdom ways of indigenous shamanic people.



Rev. Jonathan Hammond

Rev. Jonathan Hammond is a teacher, energy healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual counselor. Before beginning his work in holistic health and spirituality, he had a career as an award-winning actor, appearing on Broadway and on television.
A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Michigan, Jonathan is an Interfaith minister and certified spiritual counselor. He also certifications as a Master Teacher in Shamanic Reiki, Cherokee Bodywork, Ho’oponopono and is an ordained Alakai (leader or guide) through Aloha International. Jonathan is a graduate of the Interfaith Seminary and Inter-spiritual counseling programs at One Spirit. He teaches classes and gives lectures in Shamanism, Energy Healing, Spirituality, and Huna at OSLA, the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and other major venues around the world. He has worked and studied alongside shamans in Mexico, Brazil, Bali, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Hawaii.
His first book, “The Shaman’s Mind - Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life” was released in July 2020.
Jonathan has a private practice in New York City.


Emily Wallace

Emily Wallace is a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner, and Certified Hypnotherapist in private practice in New York City. She is a Core Faculty member of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide and a co-facilitator of its year-long Master Teacher and Life Empowerment training program. In addition to Shamanic Reiki, Emily has studied traditional Usui Reiki, Huna and Ho'oponopono, Magical Awakening, Chakra Balancing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Therapeutic Imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique, Dream Therapy, and Past Life Regression.


If you have questions about registering for this course, please contact One Spirit Learning Alliance by email to [email protected].