Spiritual Archetypes Styles

Spiritual Archetypes Styles

How do we open to spirit most naturally and easefully?

Through prayer? The body? In nature? Relationship?...

Using Ed Bastian’s Spiritual Archetypes Mandala, we begin by discovering our own natural spiritual temperament. Why? Our internal archetypal spiritual styles are the lens through which we perceive, process and act on spiritual information and practice. When we know our own spiritual learning style, we can more fully develop the path and practices that feel most enlivening for us. We start by identifying our primary and secondary styles, then look to cultivate styles that are more dormant. And when we activate all our styles, we can actualize our highest human potential. Take a look at the 12 families of archetypal styles, and contemplate your own most alive and open “channel” to spirit at this time in your life:

• Arts
• Body
• Devotion
• Imagination
• Love
• Meditation
• Mystic
• Nature
• Prayer
• Reason
• Relationship
• Wisdom

Check out the Mandala in practice here.