Gratitude Blessing Before Eating

Gratitude Blessing Before Eating

(Offered by Sarah Bowen, from Amitabul vegan restaurant in Chicago, where it sits on every table.)

I am very grateful, and most fortunate,
to be receiving this nutritious, delicious,
and life-sustaining food.

I am fully aware that this food is available to me,
only because of the generosity of Mother Earth,
the sacrifices of plants,
and all the efforts of so many hard-working people.

In this food,
I see the miracle of the entire universe
working together to support my existence.

May this food nourish my mind, body, and spirit,
giving me the strength, energy, and good health
to serve and benefit others, whenever and wherever I can.

It is my sincere and heartfelt wish that
one day soon all beings everywhere
will have enough to eat, and will no longer be hungry.