This Month In Interspiritual Counseling: “I AM the One Who…”

This Month In Interspiritual Counseling: “I AM the One Who…”

"I Am the One"

By Jeanne Panucci

I am the one who lives
I am the one who leaps into the air with joy and satisfaction
I am the one who runs as fast as I can into the wind knowing I will never fully catch it the one who plays and rejoices
I am the one who is wild and hungry and sly
I am the one who is protector of the earth and hearth and home
I am the one who sees into your soul and loves whoever you are
I am the one who howls into the night sky, who knows the stars and pulls them down power, life and love

"I Am"

By Carol Nolden

I am the one who leaps for joy at dawn, loves all the creatures, the birds, the bugs, the squirrels, the mountain lion.
I am the one who teaches all that I know to my clan.
I am the one who knows Spirit is great power,
Is mystery, is love unbounded,
Knows truth—
Helps us find and know truth and beauty;
Brings us peace and joyful expression,
And quiet contemplation, reflection.
All is holy; all are one.
I am the white wolf, the she wolf,
Who guards, protects,
Teaches life knowledge to her children,
And leaves them when they have the knowledge,
To take care of themselves,
To start their own family;
To gather together all that is needed for life here,
For higher consciousness—
Great knowledge and understanding,
Love and gifts to bring to others that know each of the life stations,
To continue the journey through anguish and joy,
Through unknowing and fear.
Never ending, only beginning, allowing, hastening, loving.

"I am The One"

By Annie Perrin

Oh, the bones! all of the bones...
The ways I fell apart
The ways I was gnawed at, chewed on
Hurt to the bone
The shock as a noble wolf to be in this state
So I began gathering, each bone, piece by piece, bit by bit
I became the bone woman
I am the one who vigilantly collected the pieces that are me
I am the one who rises up
I am the one who is whole, vital, fierce, creative
I am the wolf once more
Bringing the lessons back to the clan
I am the one who can see the sparks in others
I am the one who ignites creativity
I am the one who sees clearly
I am the one who can take pieces and put them back together
I am the one who dances
I am the one who eases tension with grace and silliness
I am the one who has diminished her wolf woman status
I am the one who claims it now

"For Bone Woman"

By Rev. Therese Bimka

I am the one who initiated you a long time ago
I am the one who came to you in the dream lodge to wake you up from your deep slumber
I am the one who holds the ancient call in the black void of my chest; the infinite vortex of your ancestral wisdom
I am the one who knew you were coming before you were born
I am the one who quietly guides you with gentle whispers from your soul
I am here, have always been here but you did not know how to find me

Now we walk together

"I Am the One Who"

By Nic Bullitt (Guest participant at that ISC class)

I am the One Who
- Knows only peace
- The one who moves energy
- Long past the energy that was
- I am the force, behind the force
- Song, behind the song
- The gift
- The glad
- The patience and the peace
- I am the one who vibrates
- Changes
- Moves in divine melody
- Is unmoved
- Is free
- Aware, kind
- The witness who sees

I am the one who is satisfied
- Awake, free, unburdened
- I am the one that creates the context
- Provides the clues
- Is the safety and the gift
- And the Joy and the Peace

I am the One
- That knows your shadows
- And brings your light
- Comfort, belonging
I am the One


By Amanda Fresnics

I am the one who possesses wisdom,
the teachings of those before me.

I am the one who embodies compassion
Bringing softness where it is due.
I am the one who has roots running deep,
Planting my being in presence.
I am the one who is standing upright
Fingertips touching the heavens.
I am the one who is finding balance,
Finally realizing my center.
I am the one whose unruly curls
Capture the daylight.
I am the one whose shapely curves
Contour the moonlight.

I am woman,
Both shadowy and luminescent.
I am the one who dances naked with the rhythm of life.
My flesh and bones — a story.

I am the one who swings back and forth,
Swaying between dreams and reality.

"I Am the One Who"

By Sushmita Mukherjee

I am the one who is the elder of the clan.
I am La Huasera, the Bone Woman. La Trapera, the Gathering Woman.
I am the grandmother who has known of bones being broken - lost, buried. My own bones. And the bones of the women, five generations before and five generations forward. I have known of the bones of the wolves, lost through deforestation, drought, fire, and loss of habitat. The bones of wolves lost through human hubris.
I gather the bones. Painstakingly. One by one. I sing over the bones. I drum over the bones. I whistle over the bones. I rattle over the bones. I howl over the indignity of the scattered bones of my ancestors.
In my intensity of consciousness, I create the heat that transmutes what was broken, what was lost, what was shamed.
The vibrations of my song bring alive what was believed to be dead.
I am not a healer. I am an alchemical transmuter.
I transmute lead into gold. But even more importantly, I transmute gold back to lead, so a new cycle may begin.
My blessing to you is not one of healing, but one of remaining open to the circle of existence. To the inter-dependent and inter-transmuting web of life.
I am not only the Bone Woman. I am also the Spider Woman. I am the one who weaves back the fabric that was ripped in places through human folly.
I am not just nice and loving and supporting. I am also the unwavering witness to human foibles, and the suffering that humans bring upon themselves, each other and upon all other beings they come in contact with.
I am the holder, gatherer and weaver of all there is.