Meeting Soul in Nature: Creating Relationship in the Natural World

Meeting Soul in Nature: Creating Relationship in the Natural World

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Amid today's chaos and faced with escalating climate change that is rapidly altering the natural world, how do we engage with nature, or what Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee refers to as our anima mundi, the "soul of the world"? How do we reconnect our soul to the world's soul? Perhaps climate change is the opportunity the world needs to come together as neighbors, as one people, needing to help each other during a crisis, as we often do in lesser crises--entering into relationship, knowing we each share similar needs and desires.

In this workshop you will learn spiritually based practices as the means to reestablish relationship to each other and to the natural world. There are four seasonal categories of practices that will be explored and can be applied to work with a friend or a counselee: Spring-Creative, Summer-Relational,
Fall-Movement, Winter-Meditative.

We will discuss how these approaches offer a self-paced guide for encountering soul through nature. To deepen our inquiry, we will each participate in the practices, having unique and different experiences. We will share with the group and in dyads with a format that draws on Parker Palmer’s Circles of Trust® approach, so that whatever needs to be said, or not, will be at the discretion of each participant.

Nature may be providing us with an opportunity to become far closer than we have ever been able to do. Come explore establishing relationship through meeting our soul in nature.


Ed O'Malley

Rev. Ed O'Malley

Rev. Ed OÕMalley is an ordained Interfaith Minister, trained Shaman and a certified Nature Awareness Trainer. Ed holds a PhD in neuroscience, board certification in sleep medicine and Master certification in transformational neurofeedback. He founded Your Optimal Nature, an education and consulting company offering programs designed to foster direct experience of Spirit, through instilling a deep, abiding awareness of the Immensity of the Natural World. He has a profound appreciation, respect and love for Nature. During his training in Interfaith ministry and continuing for several years afterward, Ed spent time with Tom Brown, Jr., the noted wilderness expert and founder of the Tracker School. Under TomÕs tutelage he learned many of the ancient skills and reverence for Nature imparted by the revered Native American Elder, Stalking Wolf. Ed broadened his training in Indigenous Spirituality and healing by completing Shaman training with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds School, based on the teachings of the native Peruvian QÕero people. As a full Mesa carrier he continues to offer this energy medicine work. As an ordained Interfaith Minister and Shaman, Ed helps people to expand their spiritual awareness by reacquainting them with their own Divine Nature using the Shamanic practices of the Master Shamans from the Andes and Amazon rainforest. All of his work is centered on meeting Soul in Nature.


If you have questions about registering for this course, please contact One Spirit Learning Alliance by email to [email protected] or call 212-931-6840.

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