Knowing Your Ego/ Finding Your Heart-Centered Truth

Knowing Your Ego/ Finding Your Heart-Centered Truth

Dates: April 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th 2020 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
OneSpirit Elective Credit: 1.0
Available by: Attend In-Person or Join by Videoconference or Download Recordings (learn more about videoconference)
Price: General Public: $ 100.00 | One Spirit Graduates: $ 90.00


Our paths of personal development and spiritual awakening are propelled forward spontaneously by inner drives that are inherent to our true psycho-spiritual natures. Too often, however, this natural development becomes blocked, particularly at the leading edge of our individual evolution. In this workshop, you will look at the sources of this blockage and gain tools for releasing them by asking:

  • What are the internal forces that "endarken" rather than enlighten me?
  • Why do these forces want to keep me blind to certain self-truths?
  • Do I have any control over their presence within me?
  • Is there a place inside of me that is free of their control, and if it exists, how do I find and access that place?
  • What can I do to preserve my contact with that place from moment to moment?

We will address these questions through a combination of group discussions, sharing of experiences, and practice periods using individual and group methods designed to release the grip of our egos and deepen our access to our inner truthplace. You will come away with a greater clarity regarding the nature of ego, how it does its job within each of us, and how to slip its grip; greater clarity about the location and nature of your truthplace and how to access it; increased capacity to bring compassion to your inner self; greater capacity to live in alignment with your own felt truth; the experience of a deeper and more grounded sense of personal authenticity, authority and agency; and a broadened and deepened connection to others of like mind.

NOTE: Suggested reading for class Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Louis Cox

Dr. Louis D. Cox is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been practicing for 45 years. Lou has served as consultant for various types of teams, such as executive teams, management teams, musical bands, and community-organizing teams, with a focus on developing and maintaining high performance strategies. Lou is an expert in the area of alcoholism and addictions. He is experienced in the techniques known as 'interventions,' which are designed to enable a family group or business colleagues to deal effectively with the insidious and destructive power of addictive disorders. Lou is trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques including psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, and cognitive therapy. Through individual, couple, and group sessions he assists his clients in releasing the grip of their limiting self-definitions and revitalize the experience of their own being and becoming.


Rev. Richard Miner

Rev. Richard Miner is formerly the graduate engagement officer at One Spirit Learning Alliance, and has also served on the Board of Trustees. He graduated from Columbia University and was ordained as an interfaith minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Richard has created and produced numerous programs and events for the One Spirit community, including the Global Graduate Reunions, Annual Luminous Heart Award Ceremonies, and the One Spirit events at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto. Richard's ministry has always revolved around a commitment to altruistic service, and he has many years of experience working with both the recovery and LGBT communities in New York City. He has extensive experience in both communities creating large-scale retreats, workshops, fundraising events, and individual workshops. He has also done extensive work with the Unity Project Faith Network of New York City to help clergy across the city better address the needs of LGBTQ youth. He also received the Steven J. Powsner Voluntary Service Award from The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center for his ongoing efforts in fundraising and community service. He is the Creative Producer of United Palace in New York City.


If you have questions about registering for this course, please contact One Spirit Learning Alliance by email to [email protected] or call 212-931-6840.

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