Tuition, Fees & Expenses

Interspiritual Counseling

Application fee:

$50 (non-refundable)


Costs for Tuition and Fees (not including counseling or supervision fees paid directly to the provider)

  • First Year-$4170
  • Second Year-$3670
    Tuition and fees include:

  • Tuition $3200
  • Electives Fee (4 credits worth - 3 required) $320
  • Foundations in Spiritual Inquiry Primer (first year only) $650
  • Graduation Fee (second year only) $150

All students are required to be in Spiritual Counseling throughout the two years of the ISC training. New students complete this requirement by participating in Foundations In Spiritual Inquiry.

Foundations in Spiritual Inquiry Primer: (first semester of the first year only)

During their first semester, first year students are required to take Foundations in Spiritual Inquiry, a spiritual counseling curriculum designed to support you in launching your own counseling with greater ease, confidence and skillful inquiry into matters of spirit. You are assigned a Foundations Counselor from our in-house staff and the 8 session non-refundable fee is included in your first year Tuition Plan.

Counseling & Supervision Fees: $100-$200 per month for 4 months per semester (paid directly to providers)

After the first semester of your first year, you will begin to see pro-bono Spiritual Counseling counselees and are required to participate in monthly supervision sessions (4 sessions per semester). Additionally you will need to be engaged in personal spiritual counseling for yourself (4 sessions per semester). These supervision and personal spiritual counseling fees are paid directly to the providers with whom you work. We have a diverse range of qualified spiritual counseling and supervision providers who have agreed to offer their services to our students at a discounted rate, ranging from $50-$100 per session.

After completing the four semesters of work, graduates participate in a special commencement ceremony held in New York City’s historic Riverside Church.

Other Expenses


Students are responsible for purchasing required texts and training manuals as well as supplies required for their coursework each year of study. Most are available commercially and those not can be purchased through One Spirit.

Options for Paying

Payment Plans

Students are offered standard tuition payment plans of one payment, two payments, four payments, or monthly payments during the program year from July to April.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for those students whose financial circumstances prohibit their enrollment. Please apply early if you are in need of Tuition Assistance as funds are limited and finite. More information on Tuition Assistance is available here.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

A Tuition Assistance application can be obtained after you are accepted into the program by contacting the Bursar.