Student Testimonials

Read what graduates say about our InterSpiritual Counseling program

Regarding Faculty

Rev. Sara Gates

In all of Therese's lectures I sense authenticity - she fully shows up with her experience and her wise heart to help and guide us. One reason I am coming to class in person this spring is I really want the opportunity to be in person with Therese.


Rev. Cristina B.

Therese is an amazing presenter and teacher. I especially love her ability to read the room and be fluid with what is intended and what people are actually needing.... Sally is a truly wonderful teacher. Clear and engaging with a wonderful presence.


Susan Cergol

Sally brings a beautifully intuitive presence to her material, with a deeply felt sense of experience and vibrant engagement. I particularly appreciated the skill and sensitivity she brought to the animated discussion about working with different faith styles. There is a gentle and steadfast quality ...Read More


On the Program

Shirley Nelson

Everything is so well organized and serves as an example of how to prepare myself to work as an interspiritual counselor. Every opportunity that we have had to practice counseling is invaluable and it has helped to build my confidence and also to shine light on areas that are opportunities for growth.

...Read More


Sarah Matteo

My professional growth since September has been so significant and heart opening. Our classes, materials and assignments generate a formal sacred container to explore methods and practices for authentic witnessing that aren’t so intuitive for me, and have stretched me to explore different ways ...Read More


Rev. Sara Tucker

The community combines intellectual rigor and warm hearts. The faculty are experienced practitioners from a wide range of professional backgrounds. And the student/teacher ratio is quite amazing, in terms of the dyad experience. I am so pleased at the variety of backgrounds of students as well. There ...Read More


In speaking about this programs to others, what are the strengths you would emphasize?

Rev. Kia Abilay

Incredible learning material, heart-centered, strong opportunities for personal growth.


Sister Monica Clare, CSJB

Learning a huge amount of new techniques, having a supervisor to turn to, having a study group to turn to, not having to go it alone.

2018 Graduate

Judith Blum

Quality of staff and content of program... I listen deeper. I am more compassionate with myself. I can access Spirit easier. I trust my clients more. Awesome program!!!


Rev. Carol Asiaghi

You learn more than you can imagine about working with other people and about yourself. It is life changing and I love it. The teachers and presenters are all very accomplished and professional.


Rev. Deborah O.

The personal spiritual work that I have done through my work this semester I think is the strongest recommendation. I also feel that upon completion of the program, I can put myself out there as a spiritual counselor with confidence in my abilities.


Rev. Willie A.

The quality of the instructors, staff, supervisors, counselors; the variety and range of material covered; the practical aspect (dyads, exercises, practice); lots of room provided for feedback and comments, sharing who we are and being heard.

2018 Graduate