Intersectionality: Acknowledging Bias, Race, and Privilege

Intersectionality: Acknowledging Bias, Race, and Privilege


Like people, the social issues of today exist within a web of interconnection.

Like people, the social issues of today exist within a web of interconnection. When oppression occurs and social inequities persist without relief, solutions become possible as we develop the ability to recognize how we participate.

In this reflective and interactive weekend, we will investigate our own matrix of privilege and discover how this impacts the ways in which we interact with our diverse human family. We will identify, unpack, and process our various biases and fears to so that we can overcome the divisions that cause separation. In order to untangle the webs of oppression and knock down all that upholds division, we must be willing to recognize how we each take part.

The safe space we co-create will allow us to explore how the pervasive culture in the U.S. presents challenges to being of service to humanity. Join us for an honest, compassionate, and courageous conversation around bias, race, and privilege.



Rev. DeShannon Bowens

Rev. DeShannon Barnes-Bowens is a psychotherapist, Interfaith Minister & founder of ILERA Counseling & Education Services. As an initiated Orisa priestess & Awo in the Yoruba spiritual
tradition of Ifa, she enjoys offering self-development workshops grounded in African spiritual wisdom. DeShannon is the author of Hush Hush: An African American Family Breaks Their Silence
on Sexuality & Sexual Abuse (2007, 2015) and an Emeritus Interfaith scholar with the State of Formation. Presentations of her work have taken place at Harvard University, American Academy
of Religion, Washington University, New York Theological Seminary, and Interfaith Center of New York. For more information visit


Rev. Eileen Fisher

Rev. Eileen Fisher has been teaching in NJ public schools for over 20 years. She holds a Master's degree in Education and has experience working with young children, families, and adult learners. A Sufi dervish in the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Order, Eileen strives to walk the Path of Remembrance and supports the spiritual growth of others through spiritual counseling, healing, and officiating life cycle ceremonies. She has served through her local hospice and a women's prison in New Jersey. She cares deeply for the planet and all its inhabitants and believes we each carry a wisdom that connects us and can help to heal the world.


Rev. Leslie Reambeault

Rev. Leslie Reambeault has extensive management and training history and has labored to bring awareness and inclusion to all areas of her life. She led the core group that developed policy for full inclusion of LGBT employees at AT&T, including partner benefits. As Board President of the personal growth organization Woman Within, Leslie created practices to respond to the request to take on the work of South Africa, assuring participation of women across that country's cultural divides. Currently a first-year dean at OSIS, Leslie was ordained in 2012 through One Spirit and has a private eco-spiritual psychotherapy practice in Santa Fe, NM.

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